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As I’m sure most of you who visit the blog regularly have noticed a major lack of updates…and for that I apologize. There are several reasons. There have been a lot of personal changes in my life as of late what with moving back home, looking for a new job/career, and finding out what I really want to do with my life. So those things contributed to lack of time to look for new things to put on my blog. >_< Believe me, I really want to update the blog. Also the second MAJOR and more important reason is that sadly and very unfortunately the blog has already received one warning/freeze from WordPress regarding posting *ahm* things that violate the DCMA…I know I know, very very unfortunate. And of course any future similar postings will cause termination of the blog. So I’ve been debating whether I should continue posting things or not.

Therefore, avid viewers of my beloved blog, please contribue comments and thoughts as to what I should do in response to this warning. I’ll post a poll below, but feel free to comment below this post. Thank you for your continued support! ^_^

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Super Junior – M ~ ME [2008.05.02]

  1. è¿· (Me)
  2. U
  3. 至少還有你 (At Least I’ve Got You)
  4. 你是我的奇蹟 (Miracle)
  5. 愛你愛你 (Love Song)
  6. 我抱著我 (In My Arms)
  7. Don’t Don
  8. Marry U
  9. 我的二分之一 (Full of Happiness)
  10. 渴望 (A Man in Love)
  11. 這一秒 (The Moment)
  12. The One
  13. Me [Korean Version]
  14. 至少還有你 (At Least I’ve Got You) [Korean Version]
  15. 愛你愛你 (Love Song) [Korean Version]

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Zhang Li Yin / Jang Ri In – I WILL [2008.03.03]

PV for track 4 on Zhang Li Yin’s debut album by the same name, released 2008.03.13. This PV stars Han Geng, who also appeared on Zhang Li Yin’s 2 previous PV’s: Timeless and Y (Why).

playbutton.jpg Watch it!

I will not be back this weekend…so updates will be slightly late, bear with me. ^^ I had a job interview today…so wish me luck! 😛 That means take your time and vote for the special if you haven’t already!


Zhang Li Yin – I WILL [2008.03.13]

This is Zhang Li Yin’s debut album released more than a year after her debut single “Timeless“. Tracks 1-12 are sung in Chinese while the 2 bonus songs (Tracks 13 and 14) are Korean versions of Tracks 4 and 5. Track 14 was originally named Lover in Korean.

Like I mentioned before, her voice is very powerful and is definitely someone to watch out for. ^^

  1. Intro
  2. 初恋 (First Love)
  3. A Flame For You
  4. 星愿 (I WILL) (Star Wish (I WILL))
  5. 幸福的左岸 (The Left Shore of Happiness)
  6. 后 (After)
  7. 交错的爱 (Wrongly Given Love)
  8. 相信爱 (Believe in Love)
  9. 纯真的爱 (Pure Love)
  10. One More Try
  11. Y (Why…)
  12. Timeless
  13. 星愿 (I WILL) (Star Wish (I WILL)) – Korean version
  14. 幸福的左岸 (The Left Shore of Happiness) – Korean version

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These are photos from Zhang Li Yin’s official site for her debut album I WILL. I’m sure some of them will be used in the album art. Please click image to see the whole set.

01_01_b.jpg image by yukina2x


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