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Posted on: November 15, 2008

As I’m sure most of you who visit the blog regularly have noticed a major lack of updates…and for that I apologize. There are several reasons. There have been a lot of personal changes in my life as of late what with moving back home, looking for a new job/career, and finding out what I really want to do with my life. So those things contributed to lack of time to look for new things to put on my blog. >_< Believe me, I really want to update the blog. Also the second MAJOR and more important reason is that sadly and very unfortunately the blog has already received one warning/freeze from WordPress regarding posting *ahm* things that violate the DCMA…I know I know, very very unfortunate. And of course any future similar postings will cause termination of the blog. So I’ve been debating whether I should continue posting things or not.

Therefore, avid viewers of my beloved blog, please contribue comments and thoughts as to what I should do in response to this warning. I’ll post a poll below, but feel free to comment below this post. Thank you for your continued support! ^_^

Please pick only 1 answer from below:


6 Responses to "Lately…"

Noes! That really sucks that you got a warning from WordPress, but it’s expected… Whatever you decide, please continue to post in one way or another and we’ll support you. All of your effort and time that you put towards this, no matter how sporadic, is greatly appreciated. I hope things in your life settle down and you can get on track with what you really wanna aim for. Keep going!

aww, I’m sorry to hear that… I hope you keep this blog up!! the other blog I visited like every day shut down, and now I don’t have a source for jpop… I think the forum thing would be a good idea, though 😛

thank you for all of your support!!! ^^

I voted for the only post _____ option, but if you do have to , or decide to take down the blog I think you should make a post of recommended affiliates that we should look into for goodies, elsewhere.

First of all I hope you will find what you are searching for in life, many of us just don’t. It’s sad to hear that you may stop this blog, actually, before I visited your blog I did not know that Japanese songs were so enjoyable & good, though I only understand a little Japanese but I bought tons of JPOP cds. I do hope you will find an alternative way to continue this blog.

Hey, I own a domain ( and if you’d like, I can host this blog. Let me know!

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