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[promo release] Koda Kumi – MOON

Posted on: May 18, 2008

Koda Kumi – MOON [2008.06.11]

MOON is Koda Kumi’s 40th single. It will be released in two versions, a CD+DVD and a CD only version. Moon Crying was used as the drama Puzzle (パズル)’s theme song, which began airing on 2008.04.18. Once Again was written by PUSHIM. That Ain’t Cool PV was directed by Fatima Robinson (director of My Humps & Fergalicious). The first press version of the single includes a bonus track. (Source: Wiki)

I think overall this is a nice ballad for Ku with good vocals…but nothing special pops out.  I wish the music was just a bit more tragic and sad…but of course I haven’t looked into the lyric translations yet, so for all I know it’s probably not a sad song. >_< Anyway, I’m looking forward to the other songs on this single. It’s been a while since Ku-chan released something, I support her 100%! 😀

  1. Moon Crying
  2. That Ain’t Cool feat. Fergie
  3. Once Again
  4. Lady Go!
  5. Moon Crying (Piano Arrange Version) (first press bonus track)
  6. Moon Crying (Instrumental)
  7. That Ain’t Cool (Instrumental) feat. Fergie
  8. Once Again (Instrumental)
  9. Lady Go! (Instrumental)

redarrow.gifGet it! (Track 1 only)

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hai saya rifka aulia rahman saya orang indonesia apa saya blh kenalan

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