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[LIVE] BoA – THE LIVE X’mas (2007)

Posted on: March 24, 2008


Here it is, the promised special posting: BoA THE LIVE X’mas (2007).

redarrow.gifLink 1

redarrow.gifLink 2

Note: Please use HJ-Split to merge the files.


16 Responses to "[LIVE] BoA – THE LIVE X’mas (2007)"


Thanks for the downloads, really appreciate it. The second part of the video doesn’t seem to work though, I managed to open the first using VLC so it shouldn’t be a codec problem. The problem may just be the video, maybe it got corrupted during upload?


I forgot to mention that you have to use HJSplit to piece the 2 parts together. 🙂 After you do that, it should work without problems.

Ah stupid me…totally forgot about HJSplit, haven’t used it in a long time, should’ve been obvious with the file extension too…

Anyways, sorry for the bother…again. It still doesn’t seem to work, VLC can’t play the merged file at all now, gives the same output as when I tried playing the 2nd file separately. I tried my other players (Winamp, DivX etc.) and all they give me is ‘this file does not appear to contain a video track’…I downloaded the the 2 parts again and got the same result…so I’m not sure of the problem here…a friend said it could be file corruption, but I’m not too sure.

Ah one more thing, I ran it under GSpot to check the codec, but it doesn’t give me a specific file type, just unknown…so there might actually be a corruption.

I added a 2nd link, try downloading the parts again and merging them…see if that works, if not, let me know again. thanks!

AH HA! I got the the first link to work! Re-downloaded the thing like 4 times…lol…and it finally worked. Must have been corruption during download. Thanks again! Oh btw 2nd link works fine.

I’m glad it finally worked! 🙂 I was afraid it was something on my end, good thing you checked and rechecked. 😀 Thanks for letting me know again.

just a quick question …

is this the TBS broadcast? or the DVD?

and …
thanks for the upload!

i think it’s TV broadcast because the logo shows up during the show, and you’re welcome 🙂

thanks again!

The 2nd application dosn’t work:/ whats wrong?

are you talking about Link 2? if you are…I just checked and it works. You may want to try again at a later time and see if that works 🙂

@yukina2x,is ok-sorry it woks,forgive me:)Thnx.

I would love to see it… I tried downloading it from mediafire, but part 5 doesn’t seem to work… can anyone help?

Thanks a lot!! this is awesome! great x-mas with this dvd! thanks thanks a lot!!

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