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Woohoo! 1000+ Visits today! (3/7/08) >_<

Posted on: March 7, 2008

I’m very excited, my blog has hit 1000+ visits today! *jumps up and down* For this blog it’s such a milestone since I’m still pretty much a newbie at this (unlike a lot of veterans out there ^^). I just wanted to thank everyone who’s been supporting the blog and constantly revisiting. 😀 Couldn’t have done it without you!

Like with the 500+ visits, I’m going to do something special. I have several goodies tucked away for events such as this…hehe…

You’ll have the chance to vote for one of your favorite d artist, and just leave a comment at the end of the page to indicate your choice. You’ll have one week from today to give me your vote and I will tally them on Mar. 15, 2008. That weekend I will probably start putting it up. I won’t have any updates for the next week because I’ll be out of town on a camping trip with friends. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to cast your vote, so when I get back, I can get everything ready.


  1. Tohoshinki 2nd LIVE TOUR 2007: Five in the Black
  2. Yuna Ito St Valentine’s Acoustic Live (Feb. 14, 2007)
  3. BoA THE LIVE “Xmas” (2007)

Voting Period:

Mar. 07, 2007 – Mar. 14, 2007


15 Responses to "Woohoo! 1000+ Visits today! (3/7/08) >_<"

roar ^^ i choose boa~~~

please Tohoshinki 2nd LIVE TOUR 2007: Five in the Black because i have the BoA live already

Yuna Ito St Valentine’s Acoustic Live, please. ^^

yuna ito please and congrats!

Congrats on 1000+ visits, so far the best I’ve gotten is 354. Please upload the BoA one, it’d be so cool.

BoA THE LIVE “Xmas” (2007)

reason: I adore her 😀

my vote !!!

BoA THE LIVE “Xmas” (2007)

evil…. I love yuna ito and boa… well, I suppose I’ll choose the BoA the Live Xmas one 😛

wow! congrats!


acoustic!!! its not even christmas 🙂


Yuna Ito please!!
She’ so cute!!

I also like BoA, but…

And congrats for the wonderful blog!
Thanks a lot for posting so many nice stuff for us!!!


Congrats on the 1000+ visits!! BOA THE LIVE ‘XMAS~!

yay! thanks!

tohoshinki pleeeeeeeeeeeeez

yuna’s acoustic live please!
that band is amazing! I love the way they use acoustic instruments to recreate the sound & feel by computer and the electric instruments!
It elaborated Yuna’s pure voice too!

By the way….anyone know if acoustic live came from a DVD? Wanna see and listen to the high-res version…all I could find so far is youtube quality…

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