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Note about Koda Kumi and Hamasaki Ayumi stuff on veoh

Posted on: December 20, 2007

As many of you have probably noticed, my veoh account has been deleted due to reasons I won’t mention because there’s no need. Unfortunately, there were a lot of material in my account that are no longer available. I don’t think I will reupload everything I have before because 200+ videos are just too much. Eventually I’ll have to go back and change all the video links to some other link available on veoh for the same video.

I have opened a new veoh account and will continue to upload recent videos of Jpop artists, however, I will NO LONGER upload any Koda Kumi or Hamasaki Ayumi videos for they are the reason my account keeps getting suspended and I don’t like to see all my time spent going down the drain. I’m sure someone will upload the videos onto veoh or various other video websites. I WILL however make those said videos available for download. I’m still spending time to do those things, so please help me out by keeping those downloads alive by downloading often. Mediafire is a great service, but it keeps deleting my things without warning. Occasionally I will use Megaupload, but many people cannot download things from there. If you know another fast filesharing website, please let me know.


7 Responses to "Note about Koda Kumi and Hamasaki Ayumi stuff on veoh"

Sorry to hear that, but you’re doing a great promo for them, they should appreciate it. Anyway here are 2 great filesharing websites :-



I find them better than Megaupload. Be Happy & Stay Cheerful !

I wish avex would see it your way too, but alas…haha…oh well. Thanks for the filesharing sites, I’ll definitely check them out. 🙂

haha….my veoh account got first warning because ayumi stuffs too and YUI DVD rip for repeated offense that made my account permanently banned…

My veoh account has been deleted too because I had Ayumi’s video… 😦
I know 2 filesharing websites:

If you need some links about Ayumi’s videos, I know a website where I have uploaded several Lives, PVs,… of Ayumi Hamasaki since the exit of her mp3 “Together When…”. Here is the link:

Anyway I thank you very much for the work that you make on this website! It is awesome! ^^

Bye! 🙂

P.S.: Sorry if my english isn’t good.

thank you Ashelia. Currently I’m already using Mediafire and aniup as my file sharing sources. aniup has a slow upload rate for me, so it takes a long time to upload stuff there. Mediafire is good but deletes stuff randomly sometimes. I’ll continue using them since they are more reliable than other sources.

Hi, you can try

sobz.. this is so sad.. u__u”

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