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Massive updates!

Posted on: December 1, 2007

OK…so you guys probably noticed that I don’t update everyday like I did during the summer, but I still try to do weekly updates. School’s about to end and I have TONS of things to do before graduation. So please be patient with me.

The PV’s and Live’s need screencaps, but that takes a lot of time to do and then I have to resize them as well. The singles and albums require uploading, so that takes time too. In general, everything I update takes time. I upload videos on a daily basis almost, but I just don’t have time to do the captions and screencaps. So if you don’t see any updates, please just goto my veoh account to check out at least the videos.

Today I did a massive update with all the PV’s and Live’s I’ve added in the last 2 weeks plus a bunch of newly released singles and albums. Please appreciate the time I put into this site, enjoy and leave comments as you please.

2 Responses to "Massive updates!"

I thank you for continuing the hard work and getting everything up for your loyal readers, viewers, and music listeners. I found your site by accident and i enjoyed it right away because your always so on top of things. I understand that things are hectic for you and everything requires time. But i look forward to the new updates.


thank you for your support!

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