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[album] Tackey & Tsubasa – TACKEY & TSUBASA BEST

Posted on: October 19, 2007


Tackey & Tsubasa – TACKEY & TSUBASA BEST [2007.10.17]

  1. Overture
  2. True Heart
  3. Ki.Se.Ki / Takizawa Hideaki
  4. Get Down / Imai Tsubasa
  5. Sotsugyou ~Sayonara wa Ashita no Tame ni~
  6. Yume Monogatari
  7. One Day, One Dream
  8. Serenade
  9. Kamen
  10. Mirai Koukai
  11. Venus
  12. Ho! Summer
  13. x ~Dame~
  14. Crazy Rainbow

redarrow.gifPart 1

redarrow.gifPart 2


12 Responses to "[album] Tackey & Tsubasa – TACKEY & TSUBASA BEST"

Yo! The link of the part 2 is not working…T_T please, can you fix it?? Thank you ^^

that’s weird…it used to work, now it’s disappeared, but I’ll upload it again. Thanks for letting me know.

nice share,will be nice if You fix the link of part.2
my regards

part 2 has been fixed

sorry to bother you but do u think it might be possible to reupload these links please…i can’t seem to find this anywhere else…. thanks…

can you re-up all parts please, I really want to download them.
Thanks a lot…

Hii.. I’ve been looking around for this album.. Thank you so much, but the part 2 cannot be downloaded. Could you please fix or reupload it?? I really2 desperate T-T

I might be late, but both parts are not working at all and I really, really want to listen to this.

If you get this, could you please re-up both parts? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks


thank you heaps for sharing ^3

sorry but the link part 1 & part 2 just broken… can u fix it? thankz 🙂

oh nuuu T_T I was still hoping after all those link-is-broken comments it would work for me but ahhh alas… I know this is old stuff and you’re a busy person but whenever you get a chance could you upload them again? I’m a budding Tackey & Tsubasa fan but its hard to find their stuff ya know. unlike kat-tun and news which are.. everywhere ~_~ so.. onegaishimasu!

The links aren’t working anymore. Could you please reupload the files?

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