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[album] m-flo – electriCOLOR -COMPLETE REMIX-

Posted on: September 29, 2007


m-flo – electriCOLOR -COMPLETE REMIX- [2007.09.26]

Disc 1 Tracklist
  1. Lotta Love -yasutaka nakata capsule mix- (m-flo loves MINMI)
  2. Picture Perfect Love -Kuchiroro remix- (m-flo loves MONKEY MAJIK )
  3. she loves the CREAM -DEXPISTOLS REMIX- (m-flo loves DOPING PANDA)
  4. Luvotomy -Camp Three-o-three remix- (m-flo loves Amuro Namie)
  5. Love Me After 12AM -RAM RIDER REMIX- (m-flo loves Alex (CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT)
  6. STUCK IN YOUR LOVE -AKAKAGE’s Tropical Smile- (m-flo loves melody.)
  7. LOVE ME, HATE THE GAME -DJ Deckstream Remix- (m-flo loves Chan, Thaitanium, Edison Chen, Ryohei)
  8. Simple & Lovely -BUZZER BEATS REMIX- (m-flo loves Koda Kumi)
  9. Love Don’t Cry -KGN8 Remix- (m-flo loves Crystal Kay)
  10. Summer Time Love -Remix Tokyo Mode- (m-flo loves Hinouchi Emi & Ryohei)
  11. Love to Live By -FPM eclectic electric mix- (m-flo loves Chara)
  12. Love Long and Prosper -Diplos love long and shoot strong mix- (m-flo loves STAR TREK)
  13. Love Song -Danny Byrd Remix- (m-flo loves BONNIE PINK)

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Disc 2 Tracklist -Mix CD-

  1. Intro
  2. gET oN! -Ugly Ducking Remix- (m-flo loves Crystal Kay)
  3. LOVE ME, HATE THE GAME (m-flo loves Chan, Thaitanium, Edison Chen, Ryohei)
  4. Come Back To Me -Ramsey&Fen Remix-
  5. Expo Expo -Motiva:T.M.D.C Remix- feat. Tei Towa, Bahamadia & Chops
  6. she loves the CREAM (m-flo loves DOPING PANDA)
  7. TRIPOD BABY (SHINICHI OSAWA remix) (m-flo loves LISA)
  8. Astrosexy -remixed by KOJI NAKAMURA from SUPERCAR (m-flo loves CHEMISTRY)
  9. How You Like Me Now ? -Edwards Radio Flo Remix (Full Rap)-
  10. Luvotomy (m-flo loves Amuro Namie)
  11. Loop In My Heart (m-flo loves EMYLI & YOSHIKA)
  12. Mirrorball Satellite 2012 -Sratm Mix By Towa Tei-
  13. The Love Bug -Big Bug Nyc Remix- (m-flo loves BoA)
  14. Hey! -Souvenir Of Little Green Men- (m-flo loves Akiko Wada)
  15. Love Me After 12AM (m-flo loves Alex (CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT)
  16. COZMO-NAUGHTY (m-flo loves Kahimi Karie)
  17. nogawdnaB
  18. Life Is Beautiful -Deckstream Remix- (m-flo loves DOUBLE)
  19. Simple & Lovely (m-flo loves Koda Kumi)
  20. Beat
  21. I WANNA BE DOWN (m-flo loves Sakamoto Ryuichi)
  22. Music Monopoly
  23. VANESSA (m-flo loves Bloodest Saxophone)
  24. Dispatch -Space Buddha Pimp+1 More Remix- feat. Dev Large, Nipps & Vincent Galluo
  25. saywhatchugotta -Rae & Christiain Remix-
  26. Love Don’t Cry (m-flo loves Crystal Kay)
  27. Lies -Giant Swing Mix-
  28. STUCK IN YOUR LOVE (m-flo loves melody.)
  29. Love Long and Prosper (m-flo loves STAR TREK)
  30. STARSTRUCK ~”The Return of the LuvBytes” -Sakai, Asuka Savannh Remix- (m-flo loves AI, Hinouchi Emi, & Rum (Heartsdales))
  31. Love Song (m-flo loves BONNIE PINK)

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14 Responses to "[album] m-flo – electriCOLOR -COMPLETE REMIX-"

Thank You Very Much.

Amazing- thank you

THANK YOU SOO MUCH. but can you please upload them all into one file next time? it kinda takes a while to download every one of them one at a time…thx again tho!!

I realize that…but mediafire has a 100 mb file limit…so that’s why I had to break it up. hope you can understand 🙂

nah, tis fine as it is.

now i can just download the songs i want. Thnx m8

Been looking for this album for ages!!!
thanku soo much!

Thank u very much, arigato gozaimasu,

fantastic album just like u hahahaha…

do u have any of the mflo albums??? the newest??? i think its called inside works best???

This is the newest one that I know of:
Maybe it’s what you’re looking for?

ohh yes, thats the newest hahaha my bad… anyway do u have inside works best ii (old album i think 2006)??? cant find…

Luv ur music choice very interesting…
Ganbate and may god bless u…

thank u soooooo much ^_______^

This is freaking godly.
I praise you with every bone in my body.

sankyuuu!! god bless u!! 🙂

just stumble across your site and i am so thankful i did.
thanks for this!

you’re welcome 🙂

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