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No Comments = No Downloads

Posted on: August 9, 2007

I don’t like what I see. Honestly people, the least you can do is say THANK YOU. I spend a lot of time putting together all these music for you guys to download with convenient streaming sites and ddl sites. I don’t ask for anything because I like sharing what I get and from the # of downloads and hits to this blog, I think a lot of you find this site very useful. So far only one person has put anything in the comments. I’m not trying to be peevish, but you know how time consuming it is trying to find certain things you want in forums and such and lot of times they make it difficult for you to get the item unless you do something in return. Well, I take all that inconvenience away and what do I get? Nothing.

So you visitors have a couple of choices:

1. I no longer upload this blog and make all previous entries private

2. OR you can show your appreciation by dropping a line in the comment section and MAYBE I’ll think about keeping this blog alive.

Your choice, people. I’ve been very generous but since I don’t get any feedback, the only thing that leads me to think is that my efforts are in vain.


4 Responses to "No Comments = No Downloads"

hey, it’s the first time i visit this website and i found you post this comment about not writing any comments to you, so i just write this to you to tell you that your site have what i any and thanks for the upload…thank you…hehe

keep updating us, ok?

take care

yeah…I’m only talking about people who repeatedly visit and just leech…but I’m gladly you took the time and left feedback, otherwise I don’t know how I’m doing. Thanks! ^^


I’m new to your site too but I want you to know that I’m already liking it! =) Good stuff! I get lazy in commenting too sometimes…It’s a bad habit that’s hard to get rid of..especially online but keep uploading…I’m sure everyone who comes here (me included) really appreciates it =)

thx for all your uploads! now i dont have to plow through the internet looking for these albums!

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